Keep your IT in an optimized and secure environment

What do we offer?

  • fully equipped rooms with adapted racks or blocks
  • reliable and redundant power supply and air-conditioning, in all circumstances
  • early fire detection, a fire-extinguishing installation with inert-gas and water leak detection
  • an environment in which your equipment and data are 100% secure, thanks to a comprehensive protection and guard service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • extremely effective connectivity, notably thanks to ready-for-use network equipment and cabling
  • qualified Proximus operators who can perform minor maintenance or repair work on your server

Your datacenter in safe hands

You deserve the datacenter of the future. Proximus builds the on-site datacenter that meets all your current and future needs. Whether you prefer to upgrade or build a facility from scratch; planning and execution are key to minimizing risk and cost. We offer end-to-end services, including a review of your existing datacenter's reliability and points of failure, as well as a review of your future needs for floor space, power, and cooling. Proximus helps you create a stable, secure, energy-efficient and futureproofed datacenter.

If you already have a mature datacenter, you might want to consider our hybrid solution. The core of your business remains at the on-site datacenter, while the non-core part of your business can be hosted on Proximus premises, based on strong and secure connectivity with your own infrastructure. The Proximus Matrix Cube is a new modular concept, offering a fast and ready-to-use solution for a small or medium-sized, high density datacenter.

  • The technical specifications for Brussels High Density Datacenter can be found here

We offer specialized datacenter facility services: 

  • Design On-site Facilities
  • Customized design
  • Vblock
  • Audit (energy, health check, air distribution, temperature) *
  • Consultancy (electricity, cooling, architecture)
  • Implementation of new datacenters (building, genset, UPS, electricity, cooling)
  • Optimization of existing datacenters
  • Maintenance of existing and new datacenters

*Free datacenter quick scan

Through close collaboration with one of our preferred partners we assess your computer room and network environment. We crystallize your infrastructure needs into real solutions and concepts. Our analysis results in a quick scan or plan of approach.


A large portion of the budget for data centers is spent on energy. And data centers are becoming great guzzlers of the world's energy. For example, the power usage of the Proximus data centers accounts for 23.3% of the total power usage of the Proximus Group. If we reduce this energy factor by just a few percentage points, we save quite a bit of money. And it's also good for the environment.

For this reason, in 2008 Proximus became the first company in Belgium to sign a Code of Conduct to improve energy efficiency. By doing so, we commit to disclose our PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness), which indicates the percentage of power used to run our servers. And, of course, we also take measures to increase this efficiency, e.g. through the timely replacement of servers and the promotion of virtualization. Proximus has already virtualized over 1,100 servers, good for an energy saving of 4 GWh per year (equivalent to the power consumption of 1,100 families).

These and other initiatives should reduce the CO emissions of our data centers by as much as 70% by 2020.



An overview of Proximus green measures and technologies:

100% green energy. Proximus does not produce its own energy, but has signed agreements with the electricity suppliers to use 100% green energy. In 2009, we signed the "AlpEnergie" contract with Electrabel, in which Electrabel commits to provide Proximus with energy from a renewable source – more specifically, water energy (from the dams of Lake Leman, among others). This energy is more expensive than traditional energy, but Electrabel has agreed to invest the surplus amount in other sources of renewable energy.

Free cooling. Proximus prefers to use outside air to cool its data centers. If the outside temperature is below 4°C, the data center can be entirely cooled with outside air. Soon, it will even be possible for this outside temperature to be a few degrees higher.

Heat recovery. With the help of a heat pump, part of the heat produced by the servers can be recovered and used to heat up the rest of the building. A heat pump is not cheap, but you quickly recover the costs thanks to the lower energy consumption needed to heat up the building.  

Optimized airflow. With the help of hot and cold corridors (i.e. closed-off corridors in which hot air and cold air are isolated), Proximus guarantees the optimal use of cold air. As little as possible is lost in rooms where cooling isn't needed, and the cold air is not mixed with the hot air, which is separated by the servers.

Kyoto cooling. The "Kyoto Wheel" is a slowly rotating aluminium wheel that cools the servers using outside air and, at the same time, cools the hot exhaust air from the data center.